July is Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — julio 1, 2020 — 2 min de lectura
This Minority Mental Health Awareness Month is happening at a pivotal time in our country’s history. Minority communities’ well-being is being discussed throughout medical, academic, and political circles because of current events: Here at Cardinal Innovations, we want to keep these discussions going. That’s why for this Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, we will explore the specific mental health challenges that several broad minority groups face, including the Black, Asian-Pacific, and Hispanic communities.

Minority Mental Health Facts

To begin this month, here are some broad statistics about minority mental health that may surprise you:
  • The rate of mental illness in minority communities seems to be much lower than in white communities—but many researchers believe this is has to do with the cultural stigma of having a mental illness.
  • The attempted suicide rates for Black, Hispanic, Asian, and American Indian youth are all higher than the national average.
  • Of all adults diagnosed with mental illness, only 31% of Black and Hispanic people and 22% of Asian people get treatment for their mental health.

Let’s Make Minority Mental Health a Priority

Education and conversation are the best ways to destigmatize mental illness. We encourage you to return to our blog and social media pages each week for new content covering minority mental health and for links to helpful mental health resources for our members, their families, and their communities.

mental health screening

An online screening can help you figure out what you are feeling and how to find support.

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