Is Your Teen Hiding Drugs in Plain Sight?

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — agosto 1, 2019 — 3 min de lectura
As a parent, there is always a concern that your teenager will become exposed to drugs and alcohol. It can be easy to think that the signs of drug misuse will be obvious. But recent movements, like Hidden in Plain Sight, have uncovered how basic, everyday items in a teenager’s bedroom can be used to hide drugs or be a sign of drug use.

Can you find some of the examples?


Here are a few simple but common hiding spots:
  • Alarm clocks, radios, or speakers: Drugs can be hidden in the small battery compartment alongside the batteries or in hidden compartments.
  • Posters: Run your hands along poster edges to feel for flattened drug-filled baggies taped to the backside.
  • Shoes: Footwear is a common hiding spot by pushing drug-filled baggies or containers to the toe area where they can’t be seen.
  • Soda cans, shaving cream cans, or other containers: Empty soda cans can have hollowed out bottoms or paraphernalia can be pushed through the top.
  • Air vents: Baggies or thin containers can be taped to the inside of heating and air vents.
  • Stuffed animals or figurines: Stuffed animals can be used to hold drugs inside of their seams. Drugs can also be placed in the hidden compartments of trinkets of figurines.

Other everyday use objects are being made with secret compartments to hide drugs, like hairbrushes, water bottles, watches, deodorant, toothpaste, and even lip balm tubes. Some of these objects can conceal the smell of drugs and can be easily hidden in plain sight.

Parents can also look for drug-related messages on posters and clothing in their teenager’s bedroom. Popular drug-related materials may include the number “420” (a code term for marijuana) and sayings with the word “dab” (referring to a small amount of THC concentrate usually used in e-cigarettes and vaporizers).

Drug paraphernalia has also changed its appearance. While there are still items like plastic baggies, lighters, and pipes, other drug paraphernalia can come in the form of paper tubes or cut up straws used to ingest drugs. New e-cigarettes are being manufactured in the form of pens as small as a flash drive (like the JUUL).

By knowing this information, parents can stay aware of their teenager’s habits, and be on the lookout for items as simple as an alarm clock in their teenager’s bedroom being used for something worse.

For more information on how drugs can be hidden visit the Get Smart About Drugs website.
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