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Message from the CEO - January 2020

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — enero 15, 2020
Happy new year everyone!  I was fortunate to spend the holidays with my family and have come back to work excited about the year ahead. As we enter 2020 and new decade, I see a future filled with opportunities – opportunities for partnership, improvements and innovation.

January marks the halfway point for our fiscal year, and it’s a time for us to check-in, assess and reflect on how things are going. I am proud of how our organization has grown this year; not numerically, but as a more mature operation with an excellent, committed, and visionary leadership team and staff. At the beginning of fiscal year 2020 we set organizational goals. Now that we are at the midway point, I’m pleased with the progress we are making. Below are examples of our key goal priorities.
Key Goal Priorities Progress
Quick follow up with our members once discharged from the hospital We are achieving the goal target on mental health discharges and are tracking to achieve the target on substance use disorder discharges by the end of the fiscal year.
Process provider contract amendments, timely We are ahead of the goal target.
Prepare the operational design and identify vendor partners needed for a successful Tailored Plan launch   A draft operational work plan is underway and all potential vendor partner areas have been identified and are in various stages of evaluation, selection, and contracting. Cardinal is well positioned to move forward when DHHS is prepared to do so.
We all know that the timeline on Medicaid transformation is a moving target. We also know NC DHHS is anxious to move forward - and we remain ready to step in and do our part.

In the meantime, there is a lot of work to do and many opportunities ahead.  I firmly believe that uncertainty can either produce fear and stagnation to an organization, or promote opportunity and innovation. At Cardinal, we are choosing the latter. You’ve heard me say before, I am committed to ensuring Cardinal Innovations can care for our members in a way that connects the mind to the body and the body with the environment they live in. Whole person, integrated care, is important and will benefit our members. We remain excited about a future that embraces this concept. In fact, we have some exciting projects in the works and I will be discussing that in a newsletter soon.

Together, we can continue to build a system that works better for you – the members and families it was created to support.
Happy New Year –


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