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Message from the CEO - August 2019

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — agosto 15, 2019
When I sat down to write this month’s update, I asked myself what was really weighing on my mind.  Eventually, I realized that it all boils down to one main theme: change. We all know that Medicaid transformation is happening in North Carolina, we’ve read about it in the news for years and many of us have been a part of shaping that change.

I truly believe that everyone involved in Medicaid transformation – the NC General Assembly, the NC Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), LME/MCOs, health plans, advocacy groups, CFACs, provider groups and more – are putting in a lot of effort and doing so with good intentions. With those good intentions, though, comes the reality of a system that is undergoing a lot of change at a very fast pace.

With that in mind, we took some steps last month to try to help our providers, members and stakeholders make sense of the changes, clear up what uncertainty we could and provide answers where we have them. We hit the road for some town hall-style meetings in our communities. In our series of meetings, we spent our mornings in roundtable discussions with our providers and our afternoon sessions with members and community stakeholders. What we quickly realized is that at Cardinal, we are paying attention to all things Medicaid and Medicaid transformation on a daily basis – and that may not necessarily be the case for our members and providers. With that in mind, we started the sessions by sharing some basics about Medicaid transformation, such as - what is a Standard Plan, what is a Tailored Plan, and what we know about the state's rollout and open enrollment so far (all open enrollment resources can be found at www.ncmedicaidplans.gov).

Across the board, members, families, and providers really wanted to know “what's the impact on me and what do I need to do?" For providers, we shared that if you have members that you believe are going to be put in the wrong plan, help them understand the impacts and help them complete the “raise your hand" form. Similarly, from a member perspective, we helped answer questions like “what do these enrollment packets mean," “what do I have to fill out," “what services are on which plans," and “what happens if I need to change plans?"  It was a valuable learning experience for me personally, and I hope for those of you who were able to join us. In the same way we encourage you as members and families to raise your voices and provide feedback to help make the system work better, I encourage you to get involved, learn more, and make sure you know how Medicaid transformation will impact you and your family.

For those of you who were not able to join us during the sessions because you were taking care of you loved ones or other priorities, we kept a running list of questions and our responses, which we’ve made available as a resource for you here.

As the process continues, we remain committed to keeping the lines of communication open with you, providing you with the latest updates and information as it’s made available. You can always reach us at CorporateCommunications@cardinalinnovations.org with your questions.

We are all invested in the success of Medicaid transformation and, ultimately, the success of our members.

Trey Sutten, CEO

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