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Message from CEO – June 29, 2020

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — junio 29, 2020
It’s somehow almost July. As I reflect on the last several months, the days move slow but the weeks and months are flying by. It’s a strange time. Despite the distractions, we have a lot going on and I want to touch on a few things with you today. One – Governor Cooper’s most recent extension of Phase 2, two – make sure you have the update on the change in the DHHS consumer call schedule, and three – make sure you all have information about **ASK.
First off – This week, Governor Cooper and Secretary Cohen announced the extension of the Phase 2 stay-at-home order. Additionally, they have issued an order regarding wearing masks in settings where you are unable to socially distance. COVID-19 is far reaching and has had a significant impact to our daily lives. We have a responsibility as an organization and to each other to heed the advice of clinical experts advising the decision making of our administration. Please continue to be vigilant in order to keep yourself, and those around you safe and well.
Second – DHHS continues to host informational calls for consumers, family members, and other community stakeholders. They announced late last week that they will be moving these to bi-weekly calls. I know this is an important forum for many of you to hear directly from the Department while also providing a forum for you to ask questions and share ideas with state staff. Please continue to participate – just be mindful of the schedule change.
In Closing – We launched **ASK Mental Health Crisis line this spring in an effort to provide direct access to our behavioral health clinicians and help our hospital partners keep their Emergency Departments available for COVID-19 and other medical emergencies. **ASK is the behavioral health crisis line equivalent to 9-1-1. We’ve seen great initial engagement across the Cardinal counties but want to further emphasize the importance of ensuring that for you and those you care for, if you need help – don’t hesitate to reach out to **ASK by dialing star-star-2-7-5 on your cell phone or 1-800-939-5911 from any phone.
Stay safe, stay well –

CEO, Cardinal Innovations Healthcare

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