Child Program Check-In: Measuring the Road Ahead

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — abril 08, 2021
Cardinal Innovations Healthcare’s Child Program is fully underway. We’re continuing to make big changes in how we manage care for those involved in the child welfare system. But how do we know what works? How do we know what doesn’t? We break down our current progress and how we’re measuring it below.

Clinical Staff Covering All Counties’ DSS Offices

When designing the program, we chose to align 14 clinical staff with local Department of Social Services (DSS) offices. These liaisons would be placed to ease communication between Cardinal Innovations staff, DSS, and families.

One Goal Met, Liaisons in Place

As of this update, we’ve aligned all 14 permanent or interim DSS liaisons to our 20 counties.

Services Expansion and Enhancement

We’re expanding our services to support children and families across our service area.

Youth Villages Intercept

Intercept is a program for families under DSS investigation. It reduces the risk of out-of-home placement by 53 percent after an abuse or neglect investigation. We have expanded the program to all 20 of our counties. As of March 23, Youth Villages has provided Intercept services to children and families in 16 counties.

Treatment Foster Care Oregon (TFCO)

We’ve partnered with Thompson Child & Family Focus to expand Treatment Foster Care Oregon (TFCO) to our members. TFCO is a specialized treatment model for therapeutic foster care. It’s made for teens with a history of behavioral health challenges. We’re providing funding support for Thompson to recruit, hire, and train foster parents and staff in the TFCO model.

Measuring the Child Program’s Success

No program can succeed without measurements of success. When we designed this program with families, we decided on certain metrics for assessing our progress. Our Quality Management Department monitors and reports on the results of these metrics. They share this information with the entire Cardinal Innovations team and with community stakeholders.
While we’re tracking the program in many ways, we’re prioritizing the following metrics.

Better Access to Services

First, we’re measuring the success of our program by how quickly and easily kids can access services. We do this by recording:

Number of Children

We want to increase the baseline number and percentage of children who receive community-based services. This baseline is sometimes called the community-based services penetration rate.

Wait Times

We want to decrease how long children wait for services after they become eligible. We’re tracking wait times to ensure children receive services more quickly.

Positive Care and Community Experiences

The Child Program was designed with System of Care principles. This means the child and family’s needs are at the center. Ideally, each part of the system works together to put the family first. So, we look at whether families are having positive experiences with their care and community support.

Percentage of Positive Experiences

Our goal is to increase the percentage of families having positive experiences. This includes when they receive care and when they engage with the system. We measure these experiences through interviews with the child/teen, parent, caregiver, DSS worker, and their providers.
A caregiver might be asked if they agree with this statement: “My family and I feel that we are receiving the service that meets our needs and not just what’s available.”

To Summarize

Our Child Program team continues to fight for our members and families involved in the child welfare system.
In summary:
  • We’ve completed our goal to align 14 DSS liaisons across our 20 counties.
  • Continuing with our service expansion goal, we’re expanding two child welfare services throughout several counties.
  • For clarity with all, we’ve shared some of the ways we’re tracking the Child Program’s progress.
As we advance in this work, we reaffirm our commitment to transparency with our stakeholders. We also will continue to be vigilant in tracking measurable progress. We look forward to continued collaboration with DSS and the exciting changes taking place in the coming months.

Child Program

Find more information and resources on our Child Program.

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