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An Open Letter to Our Community

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — octubre 26, 2020
If you – or someone you love and care for – lives with a mental health condition, substance use disorder or intellectual/developmental disability, you know this:

There are hard days.

There are bad days.

There are days when you tell yourself if you can just make it to bedtime, you will find the strength to get up and do it all again tomorrow.  

And then there are good days. Days when a milestone that seemed impossible, or that someone told you would never reach happens. Maybe it’s a half-smile or a small gesture from your child with severe autism or a brain injury. Maybe it’s going to your first day at a new job when you never thought you’d be able to work. Maybe it’s celebrating another year in recovery or finally moving into your own home. 

Those good days, even when they are long between and hard fought, make all of the hard days worth it.

The good days give you strength, hope, resolve and resilience.

At Cardinal Innovations, we have the incredible fortune to have a front row seat to those good days. And we have the privilege of supporting you during the bad days.

The success or failure of the public behavioral health system in our communities is really just the sum of all of the good days and bad days for the individuals that live there. And I will be honest like many counties across our state and our country, they are struggling to keep children out of the foster care and juvenile justice systems, and with how to get them in a safe and stable environment when they do enter the system. They are struggling with emergency rooms and hospitals being the first stop for behavioral health crises. They are struggling with too many needs and not enough resources. 

As one of their most critical partners, it is our job at Cardinal Innovations to support our counties and to help them have fewer bad days. When we focus and invest in the right solutions, when we listen and respond, when we get creative and ultimately, when we roll up our sleeves and do the hard work, the individuals in our communities - our health plan members - have a chance at a good day. 

The more good days, the healthier our members, the healthier our communities and counties, and the healthier our entire public mental health system.

The challenges that we face with some our counties, are tough. Significant change requires partnership from all of our stakeholders, and there are no overnight solutions. We are making progress, especially when it comes to the welfare of children, crisis response, and the depth and breadth of our network of providers, who are so important to us and our members.
share your feedback

We want to hear from you. We will share your feedback with DHHS and the communities we serve.

Recent events have only strengthened our commitment to do better and be better for those who need us most. On behalf of the 900 people on our Cardinal Innovations team who get out of bed every day to live our mission of improving the health and wellness of our members and their families, you have our promise and commitment to this: more good days.

Trey Sutten
CEO, Cardinal Innovations Healthcare

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