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A Message From Our New Chief Medical Officer – May 2021

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare — mayo 24, 2021
I am excited to be Cardinal Innovations Healthcare’s new Chief Medical Officer (CMO). I have a great deal of clinical experience within the medical field from serving in the United States Army Reserves for the Medical Command as a Medical Corps Colonel for 24 years. I am also a licensed Medical Doctor (MD) specializing in Internal Medicine and a Fellow with the American College of Physicians (FACP). I have received a Master's in Business Administration (MBA) and have experience optimizing health care strategies for managed care organizations.

I am excited to work for Cardinal Innovations because it aligns with my core values. I have always believed in selfless service. From my time in the military to my career as a practicing physician, I have always served others. As a physician, I focused on educating my patients. I wanted them to understand their condition and the quality of care they deserved. Most patients, especially ones with limited resources, don’t always know what questions they should be asking. I want members to feel empowered to make the right choices about their health care.

I plan to focus on child and maternal health, geriatric health, and individuals who have both mental and physical health conditions. As a physician, I learned how important it is to treat the patient holistically. If a member has both a physical and mental health condition, then each one should be managed together to achieve optimal outcomes. For example, if a member has both schizophrenia and diabetes, we will need to also help them manage their mental health and social challenges in order to treat the diabetes effectively.

We need to partner with providers to ensure that they have the resources they need to render comprehensive care. This could include assisting them with care coordination or partnering with community-based organizations to meet our members’ other needs. If members are unable to pay for their prescriptions or have access to healthy food, then their underlying conditions may persist. That is why I believe focusing on preventative care is so important. If we provide children with timely, approved vaccinations and teach healthy habits, we can prevent difficult conditions from emerging later.

As CMO, I plan to use both data we have gathered about our members and data from credible external entities to create thoughtful strategies to improve health outcomes. I hope to prevent generalized care and ensure that members are managed based on their individual needs. Each region of the state has its own external factors that will impact our members and their health care needs. Some may have greater access to care, food, or better transportation, while others may not have the same access to the resources they need and be at a higher risk. Bottomline, the one size approach does not fit all. Let’s please work together to ensure that everyone has personalized health care and receives adequate resources.

Thank you,

John A. Johnson, MD, MBA, FACP
CMO, Cardinal Innovations Healthcare

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